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With diplomas from fashion schools ESMOD (Paris) and the Lasalle International Fashion School (Singapore) in hand, and after a season working with John Galliano’s studio, Eymele Burgaud launched her own first collection for spring-summer 2005 presented during Paris Fashion Week.

Graceful lines seem to belong to a world more fragile and poetic than our own. A compelling otherness leads us gently down roads less travelled. The work of Eymele Burgaud is constantly in motion, oscillating between a

new kind of preciousness and controlled disharmony.

Unexpected blends of material, fluid shapes and improvisations on classic forms both disorientate and seduce. Eymele Burgaud rejoices in overturning preconceived notions, deliberately picking apart and reassembling details to create a subtle yet false raggedness. Her clothes display a duality that is inherent in her own past.

Her unabashedly feminine collections can be read as a reflection on ideals of beauty and a re-reading of the 21st century female form. They are infused with a personal history rich in confrontations and unexpected yet rewarding turns. Her initial training led her, first in Asia and then in France, to a career in communications. Several years later, she decided to rediscover her first passion: clothing and design.

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